Adventure Curated reviews* our Duoetto MK2 12V/240V electric water heater

Picture: Adventure Curated

Mike Collister from Adventure Curated has reviewed our Duoetto MK2 water heater.  We respect the even-handed approach taken in this independent review, based on long experience, and we especially note the water savings, compared with a gas heater.

We also note the correct short-term amperage draw stated for our product – but do point out that the draw is for a brief period (the duration of a shower, for example). In contrast, a fridge would draw less amperage, but would continue drawing for 24 hours. We appreciate Mike being so thorough and knowledgeable.

– Jay King, Managing Director, Aus J Hot Water Solutions

*This is an independent review from Mike Collister at Adventure Curated. He was not paid by Aus J for this article.

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