The Australian designed and approved Duoetto MK2 offers selectable temperatures between 30-75ºC on 240v and a fixed temperature of 70°C on 12v so that you can shower, wash, cook, clean and enjoy abundant hot water.

Whether visiting the Outback, adventuring on one of Australia’s many waterways, or travelling for business or pleasure, this unique product will provide sufficient hot water for you and another to shower in comfort.


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Product Description

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  • Variable thermostat 30-75°C on 240v
  • Fixed thermostat up to 70°C on 12v
  • Durable outer case with service and inspection points
  • SPCC steel & enamel tank
  • Single weld line
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Automatic voltage detection switching from 12v to 240v and vice versa
  • Over temperature and run dry protection
  • Combination pressure relief valve and non return valve
  • Incoloy 840 heating element


Compact size 409mm x 262mm x 267mm
Rated Voltage 12v (25A, 300W) and/or 240v (4.2A, 1000W)
Rated Capacity 10L
Warranty 12 months
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7 reviews for Duoetto MK2 Water Heater (10L 12v/240v)


Easy Hot Water. Good value water heater and easy to install. Works well.


I installed a Duoetto 10 litre hot water system in our Jayco Eagle Camper Trailer and we have had several trips using it in both 12volt DC and 240volt AC.

I installed the unit under the front lounge just inside the side access hatch near the front door. This location has proved itself by being able to access the power switches without having to lift the cushions. The inlet plumbing may seem to be a bit technical, but is really simple.

The 240 volt proved very efficient with piping hot water, and controlled by an internal thermostat. The location of the outlet beside the door made it very accessible to get water for washing up.

Our 12 volt system comprises of two 125 Watt BP solar panels, a PL20 regulator and two 120Ah AGM deep cycle batteries. The 12 volt power for the Duoetto is controlled by a switch (black) which turns the unit on and off when required. This have proved successful when stopped for morning tea or lunch turning the hot water on for 20 minutes. This meant the water was hot enough when we camped, eg to have a shower but not enough for washing the dishes. We used a portable shower and a bucket. We do not turn the unit on after 2pm while we were camping to conserve battery power for the evening.

The only times we were unable to use the Duoetto on 12 volt was when it was raining or very overcast days. We also have a Yamaha EF1000iS generator which heats the water in the Duoetto on 240 volt. This works extremely well and after 30 minutes the water is too hot to place your hand in the water.

We are able to wash the dishes and then have showers in the one heating. We are very happy with the Duoetto Hot Water System.


Brilliant little unit. With cheap solar power, and lightweight lithium batteries, you can now go ‘gas free’ in any camper or motorhome.

The Duetto Mk2 12v 10 litre water heater works amazingly well – as long as you have 30A of power to drive it! Dixi has 675w of solar power and a 300AH house battery, so – as long as you don’t want more than a few showers per day – there is more than enough without dipping below 75% of battery even in cold weather.

We have a bit of shiny tape under the switch on the DB – so we can see at a glance if it’s been turned off when not required, to conserve power.

It takes about 20 minutes to heat 10 litres of cold water to 60° in 12v mode. It can also run on 230v, in which case it takes about 5 minutes. Typically, when bush camping (which is basically all the time!) we turn it on at about 5pm as we start to cook dinner, then turn it off after showers and washing up all done before going to bed. There is still hot water to rinse the brekky dishes in the morning. Note that all hot water pipes are fully insulated with 10mm thick closed cell foam (the black soft stuff).

For the techies, the DB does not handle that current – the heater has its own stand alone circuit breaker rated to 35A. The circuit on the DB is just a relay to the unit’s internal 12v controller. In 230v mode you just plug the 3-pin straight in to a 10A outlet. It also has its own tempering valve, limiting output temperature to 55° so it’s kid safe. Still youchee hot though!

Would we recommend the Duetto Mk2? You betcha – it’s a little beauty!

My full review of the Duetto is on Facebook.
Highly recommended.


Amazing to deal with. Prompt very prompt service.

Will be using for my buisness from now on.


(verified owner):

I ordered a Duetto MK2 12/240v hot water heater on 29 July 2019. Australia Post tracking information very good and email notification day of delivery on 2 August.. Wish I had done a combo deal for shower box.

(verified owner):

Over all seems like a good 12v alternative, especially considering the ridiculous gas compliance laws here in NZ.

(verified owner):

Great service I needed a unit superfast to fit befor we went away on the weekend I live in Perth Orded on Wednesday and it arrived the following day very easy to deal with great hot water unit.

Thanks Anthony

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