Pressure Pump 12v (4.3L 70PSI) SEAFLO 21 Series


The 21-Series Pumps are compact and designed for a wide range of applications including liquid transfer, spraying, circulation, filtration and dispensing. The 21-series of diaphragm pumps are self-priming and can be run dry without harm. It provides up to 1.2 gallons per minute. Miniature multi outlet water pressure pump serves 1 or 2 3/8” (10 mm) outlets at any one time. This compact automatic demand water system pump has a built-in pressure switch, which automatically starts and stops the pump when faucet is opened and closed.

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  • Sealed pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve opens and closes.
  • Self-priming so pump can be located above supply tank.
  • Supplies up to 3 fixtures, one or two at a time.
  • Can run dry for extended periods of time without damage.
  • Built-in thermal protector.
  • Low amp draw for battery powered applications.


Width x Height x Depth 100mm x 58mm x 162mm
Flow 4.3L/Min
Voltage 12V (4A)
Pressure 70PSI
Liquid Temperature 43°C Maximum
Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 183 × 106 × 65 mm


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