Ideal for truck and lifestyle conversions, with outstanding service

Our business has been going mad meeting demand from people who want to get away from the Covid pandemic. I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of Aus J’s original Duoetto for more than a decade, fitting it OEM to the RVs and trucks we do lifestyle conversions for at American Camper Shells …

Mark Gibbs

Managing Director - American Camper Shells and Van Works
California, USA

Instant hot water from a quality-engineered and affordable product

We looked at an instant hot water heater for about $3,000, but  Aus J’s Aqueous MK2 was better suited to the purpose and a fraction of the price. Even after plumbing it in, it was about $600 all up – and that includes quality fittings and a bypass valve.

The new hot water supply is great for us. Before we go…

Ross and Hilde James

Bayview NSW

Perfect for water conservation!

Because electric hot water cylinders are usually so far from the sink, it takes ages for the water to warm up if the tap hasn’t been used for a while. All that cold water is usually wasted. My solution was Aus J’s Australian designed, simply installed Aqueous rapid hot water system suitable for anyone with electric water heating …

Janine Whyte

St Ives NSW

No more sandy, dirty dog in the van!

It is a great freedom to be able to get out onto the beaches and the wide-open spaces, but not so much fun if you bring the salt and sand back into the vehicle. My dog thinks she owns the space, and the entire bed. She has first dibs, so we both need a good washdown before we go inside.


I found Aus J’s D…

Graeme Gherashe

South Coast, NSW