Did you see us on Channel 10 Offroad? – what a compliment!

Jay with the new water-saving EZY RV shower, which featured along with our Duoetto 12V/240V electric hot water heaters

Did you see us on the Offroad Adventure Show on Channel 10, hosted by Jamie Hazelden of Australian Bushman.

Our straight-shooting Queensland Mate featured not only our Duoetto 12V/240V water heater as a great example of off-grid and mains performance, but also our water-saving new EZY RV shower outlet.

Of the Duoetto, he said, “You can run it from batteries and solar arrays any time you like – and they have a 10-litre tank in them, so you have got hot water on the go all the time.”

“And the great thing about it is if you have got a 240V system, well you can run it on 240V all the time (or plug into the mains).”

Of our new EZY RV shower outlet, which he was also using in new RV builds, he said “The EZY RV outlet is a really simple process…. It is as simple as.” Jamie who offered to help anyone with the selection of their system on his website www.australianbushman.com.au, which is a great site to visit.

We were really chuffed to be selected by Jamie for the show, because he is known for his no-bulldust approach to exaggerated claims for the hundreds of products that he vets and uses.

So when we pass muster and he gives us compliments, we really value it.

Thanks Jamie!

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