Ideal for truck and lifestyle conversions, with outstanding service

Our business has been going mad meeting demand from people who want to get away from the Covid pandemic. I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of Aus J’s original Duoetto for more than a decade, fitting it OEM to the RVs and trucks we do lifestyle conversions for at American Camper Shells and Van Works. The latest Duoetto MK2 is ideally suited to our business.

This product – and the backup they give it – is perfect for us. We use it in truck and lifestyle conversions, with just a 12V connection and simple set up. We install a one-hour timer to auto shutoff when the right temperature is attained, which is fine for us. We have used many of these for many years with very few issues. The backup is perfect.

Mark Gibbs

Managing Director - American Camper Shells and Van Works
California, USA

Instant hot water from a quality-engineered and affordable product

We looked at an instant hot water heater for about $3,000, but  Aus J’s Aqueous MK2 was better suited to the purpose and a fraction of the price. Even after plumbing it in, it was about $600 all up – and that includes quality fittings and a bypass valve.

The new hot water supply is great for us. Before we got it, we used to have to wait a whole minute for hot water to do a 10-second job. It got to the stage where we would put off doing some jobs until nighttime, so I could do them altogether. We were very impressed with the followup. It is the kind of service you don’t see much of these days.

The unit seems to be well built. It installed easily and was easy to set up – turn it on and set the temperature. It takes about 40 minutes to fully heat up. Now we have hot water five seconds after turning on the tap.

Jay’s personal service was outstanding. And it is a quality product that is very affordable – far more cost-effective than alternatives.

Ross and Hilde James

Bayview NSW

Perfect for water conservation!

Because electric hot water cylinders are usually so far from the sink, it takes ages for the water to warm up if the tap hasn’t been used for a while. All that cold water is usually wasted. My solution was Aus J’s Australian designed, simply installed Aqueous rapid hot water system suitable for anyone with electric water heating who has ever worried about the amount of water and time wasted while running taps to draw hot water from typical large heating and storage cylinders.

It makes such a difference. You’re not standing their drumming your fingers waiting for the water to heat up and watching all that perfectly good water going down the plughole. It is simple and instant. They are really compact too and don’t take up much room at all under the sink. I can see that they could have other uses around the house too where there are long runs to the hot water cylinder or as a backup when the power has been off for a while.

You can set the 10-litre heaters to lower temperatures for safety reasons where you need to, but for me in the kitchen instant hot water is an absolute bonus. And I am delighted that all that water is no longer wasted. And Jay knows the product inside and out – if you ever need any help with installation or general questions, he’s there to help.

Janine Whyte

St Ives NSW

No more sandy, dirty dog in the van!

It is a great freedom to be able to get out onto the beaches and the wide-open spaces, but not so much fun if you bring the salt and sand back into the vehicle. My dog thinks she owns the space, and the entire bed. She has first dibs, so we both need a good washdown before we go inside.

I found Aus J’s Duoetto MK2 12v/240v 10L water heater and knew it would be a good fit for my VW Transporter. The thought that has gone into the design was impressive. The Duoetto is easy to install – I was going to get it installed for me, but with some advice from Jay, the job was straightforward. If your plumbing and electrics are in place, it’s pretty simple – but still not hard even if they are not.

Jay is very easy-going and helpful – he gave incredible service and help in the installation. I am very happy with the final product, which I put under a fold-down lid in a cargo space at the rear of my van.

Graeme Gherashe

South Coast, NSW

Hot water is the perfect creature comfort after a long day surfing or adventuring

I’m glad we have Aus J as our water heater supplier because Jay and the team always deliver promptly, so we can have out builds completed and delivered swiftly to happy customers. Our very own Van Go campervan has had a Duoetto water heater installed since its first conversion. I use it most days to wash off the salt before work. Having a hot shower at the end of the van is a luxury I could no longer live without!

The Duoetto’s compact size makes it a dream to fit to our vans – either under the vehicle or inside our cabinets – leaving enough space inside for all your motorhome needs. The technical support is outstanding. If I’m trying a new build and need some engineering advice, I just get on the phone to Jay and he takes the time to recommend the best solution.

Mark Atkins

Founder and Director - Van Go!
Northern Beaches, NSW

Horses like hot showers too!

We wouldn’t look anywhere else for 240v water heaters. Aus J’s Duoetto is clean, compact, easy to install and does the job we need without any hassle. The Duoetto has a couple of uses in our floats. Some are campers and floats combined, and the water heater is used for hot water at the sink. And of course, the major use is where we attach a hose for washing down the horses.

You just want to wash the parts where the horse sweats, otherwise you’d need a lot of water! But in winter and on cooler days, the animals aren’t fond of freezing cold water being used – and most humans would feel the same way! So having a Duoetto with selectable temperatures is a major advantage and helps keep the horses comfortable, clean and happy. Some of our combined camper trailer horse floats are fitted with human showers, so the Duoetto provides them with nice hot water, too. The horses can be a little fussy with water temperature, but it’s the people that demand a hot shower!”


Gladiator Horse Floats
Wollongong NSW

The Duoetto fits beautifully into our custom Mercedes van fitouts

We chose the Duoetto because we were looking for a water heating solution that was compact and reliable. The units have been highly dependable to date. As a builder and a van owner, the last thing I want to worry about is a leaky water heater.

Our customers love the value, cost-efficiency and simplicity of the system. It’s such a simple system to use. Also, by comparison, it is solid, quiet and has no exhaust compared to the similarly priced propane tankless water heaters.

Business is booming. We are grateful to be booked for the foreseeable future, and we’re also very happy with the service and technical support from Jay. He is quick and efficient, and he really knows the product. The service has been spot-on and timely.

Marcus Valdivia

Founder - VANNON
California, USA

Great product for extreme outback conditions

The fact that the Duoetto can switch between 12V and 240V is a major advantage for our fit-outs. It means out customers can travel to remote areas and still have hot water available for cleaning, showering and other uses. Another advantage is that the Duoetto is simple and intuitive to install, so we can connect it up to our campers efficiently.

We love that the Duoetto is an Australian-designed product, and the service from Jay has been outstanding. He goes out of his way to help us meet deadlines, or increase production to meet customer demand. Ever since Covid hit, the domestic travel market has boomed in Australia. We’ve seen a strong uptake in our campers, meaning we needed more heaters quickly. Aus J provided this for us efficiently, allowing us to meet customer deadlines


Sales Manager - Uluru Campers
Banyo, Queensland