Long distance truckies curtail Covid and job risks by building onboard showers to avoid shared facilities

Long distance truckies curtail Covid and job risks by building onboard showers to avoid shared facilities

Long distance truck drivers are turning to personal mobile showers on their heavy rigs to avoid any potential health and job risks posed by Covid at  bathroom facilities open to other people.

The trend is developing both among owner-drivers and fleet operators concerned about OH&S issues, job security and supply chain resilience, says one of Australia’s most successful manufacturers of hot water systems for work and recreational vehicle and marine markets, Aus J Hot Water Solutions.

“We have never had so many trucking and logistics industry inquiries before – but it makes perfect sense for a person whose job depends on staying on the road. It is also totally reasonable for fleet operators, none of whom want staff sick, off work, and potentially spreading a virus among their co-workers,” says Aus J Managing Director Jay King.

“None of the truckies and fleet operators we are speaking to are taking a shot at the hygiene standard of truck stops or public facilities – these stops provide a wonderful welcoming experience on a lonely road after a long day. But truckies are responsibly minimising any risks in their personal space,” says Mr King, whose 12V/240V Duoetto water heaters ($425 online) and other dual voltage and mono-voltage water heaters are used by RV, work vehicle and boating OEM and DIY markets globally.

The heavy duty new EZY RV External Shower Point Outlet combines with water heaters such as the proven Australian Duoetto 12V240V water heater

The Australian-designed compact and durable Duoetto 12V/240V water heater offers selectable temperatures between 30-70 deg C (86-158F) so users can shower, wash, clean and enjoy abundant hot water whether mains power is available or not.

Heavy duty product

More than 30,000 Aus J products have been sold locally and exported, including its complementary top-of-the-line EZY RV External Shower Point Outlet set recently added to its global range of RV comfort and convenience products. This outlet is also highly suitable to onboard truck use.

“This is a heavy duty quality product, not a toy, which is manufactured to the same standards of quality and user-friendliness that have won markets for tens of thousands of Aus J 12V/240V products to OEM’s and RV owners in Australasia, Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, the UK, Scandinavia and Russia,” says Mr King.

The EZY RV can be combined with any of his clean/green electric water heaters, which are simply plumbed in to complement trucks’ existing electrics, avoiding the need to provide separate gas reticulation.

Mr King – who also manufactures gas hot water heaters – says gas has its place, but electric is the answer for truckies because it avoids separate mechanical complexity and reticulation and is safe and clean.

“One owner-driver we are dealing with at the moment intends to fit a personal, private shower into the space behind the cab, between it and the load. He has figured out how to integrate it into the space inside the streamlining, building a privately partitioned area there between the back of the cab and the load. We are working on a product to serve this market too.”

Components of the EZY RV boxed set, left, and the large shower head for better feel and greater water coverage with water economy three or four times greater than the average shower. The EZY RV shower has a low flow of just 4 litres of water per minute, but with higher coverage for a better feel. The shower head’s oblong jet pattern and big soft raindrop pattern rather than continuous water flow are designed to provide a softer and more luxurious bathing sensation, with a wide umbrella coverage, rather than narrowly focused sharp jets of water. A normal unrestricted showerhead (average size or more for the larger rain style) or a WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) shower with the flow control removed uses between 18 to 22 litres of water per minute (LPM). Even restricted shower heads often use approximately 9 litres per minute.

“Another fleet operator is working to install heaters on an entire fleet of big rigs – he has a backlog of work because he says truckies are installing hot water and things such as microwaves to avoid the risks of Covid wherever they can. Again, this makes perfect sense, because hot water is essential to hygiene and comfort wherever you are.”

The robust and stylish new EZY RV External Shower Point Outlet is an all-inclusive set that fits major global brands of RV water systems, as well as Aus J’s own international ranges of water heaters including the Duoetto.

The boxed new EZY RV product set – with a recommended retail price of $A269 ($US200) – complements Aus J’s broader range of selectable shower outlet offers, which can be purchased as individual components or sets of features tailored to particular price points and buyer needs.

EZY RV quality internal engineering, left; open for use, centre; and neatly closed, right

“That way users can choose to cost-efficiently build an outlet system tailored to their individual needs or chose the complete boxed EZY RV set in which we have included top-of the-market materials, ergonomics and usability features throughout. It represents the cream of our experience working with RV OEM producers globally,” says Mr King, who is expanding his worldwide distribution network in addition to online sales globally.

“We find many mechanically handy people, like truckies, like to custom-build their own system from individual components, while others (particularly newer RV adventurers, including younger couples, travellers with pets, and independent women RV users) prefer to be supplied with all components in one EZY RV set.”

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