Stop knocking our blokes, says RV woman lauding New Age men

Stop knocking our blokes, says RV woman lauding New Age men

As women take to the road in their millions, some are happy to discover the camaraderie and mutual help and support offered by fellow RV enthusiasts regardless of sex or age.

One example is Theodora Tollenaar, one of more than five million Australian women annually estimated by Tourism Research Australia to be discovering the freedom, fun and independence of life on the road and in caravan and camping trips.

Ms Tollenaar – like the rapidly rising numbers of fellow female RV enthusiasts in the Americas, Asia and Europe – was delighted to get totally free-of-charge assistance from both Aussie caravan producers New Age Caravans and global RV hot water systems supplier Jay King, of Aus J Hot Water Solutions, producer of Duoetto 12V/240V hot water systems.

“In the midst of reports of men behaving badly, which seems to be a recurring theme in all the papers and for far too long, I want to give a shout out to the good men! The fathers, husbands, partners, sons (I have 3) and brothers who support and love women,” said Ms Tollenaar.

Above and beyond service

In particular, Ms Tollennaar said she had been delighted recently by several good men “who were strangers to me but who did not hesitate to go out of their way to help resolve some problems with my motorhome. No payment required for (Aus J agent) Will’s time, nor Lee’s. To Jay King of Aus J Hot Water Solutions who replaced and shipped a replacement heater at no charge (and the fault was mine, not his product) and to Sam and Dean of New Age Caravans who assisted me promptly and with a smile. Thank you guys, I am grateful for your kindness and skills.”

“These are good men, and we must appreciate there are many in our lives.”

Jay King – himself an RV enthusiast – said Ms Tollenaar was experiencing the camaraderie that exists among RV travelers and campers, which includes people younger and older, families and increasingly women seeking individual adventure, achievement, and independence.

“Sure, we are a business and proud of it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be generous occasionally with people who need a bit of help to get under way. And my experience with women travelers is that hot water and a shower is not an option, it is a necessity!

“So it is not too hard to lend a hand and sympathetic ear to someone who needs help and needs it now. Like the guys at New Age Caravans, we believe it is part of the satisfaction of being in the industry and understanding your hugely diverse market,” said Mr King.

Theodora Tollenaar’s 6m+ Ford Transit, with onboard toilet and shower

Theodora Tollenaar’s 6m+ Ford Transit, with onboard toilet and shower

Women RV travel communities on the rise

Ms Tollenaar’s involvement with RVs is part of a worldwide trend towards women campers and RV enthusiasts who are changing the face of the industry.

“Woman are RV travelling as part of the huge surge of family camping and RV experiences brought on by holidaying in your own country during the Covid pandemic. There is also an equally rapidly growing number of women who travel alone, without partners or families, to enjoy the sights, sounds, independence and self-reliance of doing something for yourself by yourself.”

“Women-only RV travel communities are also on the rise – like the online group Rolling Solo Australia – who are part of the more than five million caravan and camping trips by woman estimated by Tourism Research Australia in recent years.”

“The total is way up on a decade or so ago, when RV travel was perceived as more a blokey or grey nomad thing. Worldwide, that is changing rapidly and will continue to change as women break down these stereotypes.”

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