Aqueous rapid hot water systems are suitable for anyone with electric water heating who has ever worried about the amount of water and time wasted while running taps to draw hot water from typical large heating and storage cylinders.

The ruggedly constructed Aqueous systems eliminate delay because they position water heating right next to the point of use. Even if turned off for a while (such as at a holiday home or when families travel) they take only a few minutes to have hot water on tap when people return.



Product Description

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  • Variable thermostat 30-75°C
  • Durable outer case with service and inspection points
  • SPCC steel and enamel tank (304) with high density insulation.
  • Over temperature, over pressure and run dry protection.
  • Combination pressure relief valve and non return valve.


Compact size 409mm x 262mm x 267mm
Rated Voltage 240v (4.2A, 1000W)
Rated Capacity 10L
Warranty 12 months Parts
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1 review for Aqueous MK2 Water Heater (10L 240v)

(verified owner):

I purchased this for my kitchen, which is a long way from my off peak heater, and we waited too long for hot water.

I was able to install the unit under the house, directly below the sink. I have a couple of valves that allow me to bypass the unit in case of unit failure, or power failure. I installed a pressure regulator, just to ensure maximum pressure couldn’t be exceeded. Of course, it has an over pressure valve anyway, which is essential for thermal expansion.

The unit seems to be well built. It installed easily, and was easy to set up – turn it on, and set the temperature. It takes about 40 minutes to fully heat up. Now we have hot water 5 seconds after turning on the tap.

I was considering installing the 6l version, but went for the 10l. Good decision. I wouldn’t recommend less than 10l for a normal house kitchen. About 5l is plenty to do normal washing up (mixed with some cold water gives significantly more), but if using much more in one go, the temperature starts to drop.

We’ve only run short on hot water once soon after installation. This was because I set the thermostat fairly low, and we used some hot water for rinsing before washing up. After turning up the thermostat (not quite maximum), and being sensible with rinsing, we haven’t had any problems.

I expect the hot water supply from a large tank could feed into this, instead of just cold water. This would give the quick hot water, and plenty of it.
In summary, so far the unit is doing exactly what I intended.

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