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Pump wiring harness with fuses and SAE plug

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Product Information:
- SAE Plug
-sae quick release connector
- Standard SAE Connectors - Fit for most of SAE Cable
- Female Bullet Terminal: 4.57mm Rec, Nickel Plated Brass
- Male Bullet Terminal: 4.57mm Pin, Nickel Plated Brass
- Ring Terminal Connector
- O Terminal: 6.5x12R Type, Brass
- Inside diameter: 6.5 mm
- Outside diameter: 12 mm
- Ring Terminal to SAE Extension Cable
- Fuse: 15A, for safety
- Cable: 16AWG
- Length: 0.6M

Package Include: 1 x Sae 2 Pin Quick Disconnect to O Ring Terminal Harness

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