Duoetto MK2 Digital Dual Voltage (12v/240v) Electric 10L Storage Water Heater

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The Australian designed and approved Duoetto MK2 offers selectable temperatures between 30-75ºC on 240v and up to 70°C on 12v so that you can shower, wash, cook, clean and enjoy abundant hot water.
Whether visiting the Outback, adventuring on one of Australia’s many waterways, or travelling for business or pleasure, this unique product will provide sufficient hot water for you and another to shower in comfort.


Suitable For


  • Variable thermostat 30-75°C on 240v
  • Variable thermostat up to 30-70°C on 12v
  • Digital control for 12v
  • Durable outer case with service and inspection points
  • SPCC steel & enamel tank
  • Single weld line
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Automatic voltage detection switching from 12v to 240v and vice versa
  • Over temperature and run dry protection
  • Combination pressure relief valve and non return valve
  • Incoloy 840 heating element
  • Wall mount or floor mount


Compact size 409mm x 262mm x 267mm
Rated Voltage 12v (25A, 300W) and/or 240v (4.2A, 1000W)
Rated Capacity 10L
Warranty 12 months
Weight 9000 g
Dimensions 409 × 262 × 267 mm

4 reviews for Duoetto MK2 Digital Dual Voltage (12v/240v) Electric 10L Storage Water Heater

  1. makintraks

    Top water heater. Have used Duoetto previously, only on 240v, but found it very efficient and quick to heat.

  2. nvillecottage22

    This compact hot water unit is amazing, It is really easy to install and SO efficient !! AusJ’s customer service is second to none, order with total confidence. If you have any questions like i did, they are more than willing to help. It’s the best little water heater out there !!

  3. jim (verified owner)

    Great product for mobile use in vans or campers. This water heater runs on 12V and is very easy to set up and use. No gas needed. I recommend switching it on while driving if you’re charging off your alternator. It uses less battery than I thought and ending a day of hiking and touring with a hot shower is fantastic.

  4. Mary Ferguson

    I would recommend this hot water heater, It is compact, efficient, heating quickly on 12v or 240. Safety features of preset temperature choice, shut off if hot water tank water is low and pressure overflow hose, Sensors saving power by knowing when to turn on and off as temperature drops when in use, Selects best heating option when 240 and 12v available, When on the move I turn the heater on about 35 minutes before reaching my destination and arrive with 50 degree water. Time and use will show how good this product is, but so far very happy with my choice.

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